Multi-Axis Spiral Suction Features & Benefits

Spiral Vented Design.  Solving HVE’s problem. 

At Ghost we sought to create the ultimate HVE tip. One that eliminates all the problems with traditional HVE tips and saliva ejectors. Introducing the award-winning Multi-Axis Spiral Suction. No more grabbing the tongue, cheek, or other soft tissue. No cumbersome apparatuses are necessary in the situations when the dentist, assistant, or hygienist is working alone. Offering continuous suction in all clinical situations, the possibility of backflow has been eliminated. Additionally, it can function as both an HVE tip and saliva ejector, as patients can close on the end of the tip without it grabbing their tongue, cheek, or other soft tissue. To top it off, all these features are offered in an HVE tip that is quieter than traditional HVE tips.


Angled Barrel Wall. Ergonomic Career-saver. 

Angling the barrel wall of an HVE tip allows an assistant to bend their wrist less, resulting in less fatigue during procedures. The Multi-Axis Spiral Suction angle was designed by taking over 900 patient measurements of the distance from the angle of the mouth to the retromolar pad and the perfect length after the angle was determined. This allows an assistant to hold their wrist straight and have the tip reach the third molars when retracting. Years of repetative strain on the hands and wrist can have their toll. We want to make those years better. The angle also moves the HVE tip out of the field of view of the dentist and assistant when retracting.


Rolled Edge. Defender of Soft Tissue. Promoter of Confidence. 

Rolling the distal end of the HVE tip solves the problem of sharp edges found in traditional HVE tips. No longer will you need to be concerned about your patients comfort. Between the spiral vents that prevent tissue from being suddenly grabbed, and the rolled edge which is helps prevent tissue trauma, the Multi-Axis Spiral Suction instills confidence in the dentist, assistant, or hygienist that uses it.  




See the Multi-Axis Spiral Suction in action and check out Dr. Feuerstein's interview of Ghost's CEO Dave Ronto.