The award-winning Multi-Axis Spiral Suction (MASS) tip features a spiral vented design, angled barrel wall, and a rolled edge. It is the FIRST & ONLY HVE tip that; prevents soft tissue from being drawn-in, allows for continuous suction even if the end of the tip is occluded, prevents backflow of fluids, and serves the function of both an HVE tip and a saliva ejector. In addition to those features it offers; a more ergonomic hand positioning for assistants, a better field of view for both dentist and assistant, is quieter than traditional HVE tips, and has a rounded edge to prevent possible tissue trauma.  -- 100 disposable tips per bag.

      • Quantity: 1 bag of 100 tips (Only 15 cents per patient!)
        FDA Approved: Yes, the plastic and shipping materials are acceptable for oral use and are FDA approved.
        Sterilizable: No. The Multi-Axis Spiral Suction is a single use, disposable device.
        Latex Free: Yes!
      • Orders placed before 1pm EST Monday thru Thursday will ship the same day via UPS Ground (delivery in 3-5 business days). Orders placed after 1pm Thursday will ship on Monday.


        UPS front loads shipping rates. An initial charge of $7-10 applies depending on your region but then additional bags raise the shipping cost only slightly.

        For recurring orders, order a larger quantity each time. (ie Instead of ordering one bag a month, every month, order 6 bags to reduce your overall shipping expenses)

        Ship to your commercial address instead of your residential address for reduced shipping rates.