Sweeping the Oral Cavity 

With the Multi-Axis Spiral Suction an assistant is now able to suction water without grabbing soft tissue such as the tongue, cheek, or palate. This allows them to actually sweep the entire mouth, unlike with a traditional HVE tip that grabs any tissue in its vicinity.  Additionally, the patient can close their lips on the tip without it grabbing soft tissue.


Strong & Precise Suction 

The Multi-Axis Spiral Suction has been uniquely designed to reduce the suction at the end of the tip so that it will not grab soft tissue, yet it is strong enough to pick up items as heavy as an entire tooth, and is delicate enough to pick up something as lightweight as an endo file.


Precision Grab 

The Multi-Axis Spiral Suction allows an assistant to quickly grab debris in the oral cavity without grabbing lightweight delicate tissue, as illustrated by a tooth sitting on featherlight gauze.


Less Equals More 

Even though the Multi-Axis Spiral Suction has reduced suction at the end of the tip, in order to prevent tissue grab, overall suction strength is increased because fluid can be drawn in through all the holes along the barrel.